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Test result in 10 mins! Chuangyi have developed a novel coronavirus rapid detection kit !

At present, the situation of national epidemic situation is still severe. According to the current clinical findings, some novel corona-virus carriers have a long incubation period, and there are even long-term asymptomatic virus carriers. All these have brought great challenges to the prevention and control of the virus. Therefore, the early rapid detection of novel coronavirus is not only important for the diagnosis of patients, but also plays a key role in effectively preventing the further spread of the epidemic, especially in the detection of asymptomatic or latent virus carriers.

In order to better fulfill the social responsibility of biomedical enterprises, we have to overcome difficulties together. Chuangyi actively invest in the development of innovative products of 5-diff hematology analyzer/automatic fluorescence immunoanalyzer device and COVID-19 IgM/IgG detection kit. At present, after many days of hard work, our company's research and development of novel coronavirus2019-ncov detection kit has obtained the test report, soon, will be used in the clinical.



In the early period of the outbreak, the company's leaders decided to carry out the research and development of "novel coronavirus detection kit". Ping He is the R&D project manager of our POCT reagent group.In order to complete the research and development work of this project in a short time. Manager He actively communicated with the medical staff of the city's second people's hospital and work on the front line day and night. From February 14 to 24, Some R & D Staff was responsible for kit’s development in the laboratory, While some R & D staff were arranged to go to the second people's hospital of zhongshan city to test the positive samples of the kit.



General Manager He said that The detection difficulty of novel coronavirus detection reagent is that the samples are concentrated in the hospital, and the test samples have certain infectivity. Therefore, we should come up with ideas in the laboratory, make the kit, and then take it to the hospital for testing, and then verify our ideas.




At present, the novel coronavirus 2019-nCoVIgM/IgG fluorescence immunoassay kit developed by our company is based on blood samples. Samples are not required to be processed in advance and can be quickly detected. At the same time, it can be used as a quantitative method with good repeatability, low detection limit and obvious advantages. The novel coronavirus 2019-nCoVIgM/IgG fluorescence immunoassay kit developed by our company has achieved a positive rate of IgM, 97.1% of IgG, 98.2% of the test results, and a negative coincidence rate of 98%, and the detection time is 10 minutes.





When facing of the epidemic, we are duty-bound, will also be united, overcome the difficulties together, to contribute to the strength of our enterprise. This project has good social benefits, can greatly improve the detection accuracy, improve the detection efficiency, shorten the detection time, reduce the risk of medical staff infection, improve the screening speed and efficiency of novel coronavirus 2019-ncov, reduce the probability of missed detection, will directly help the people in the country to fight against the new pneumonia epidemic!






Finally, I will share with you the words of Linhui He, general manager of our company: biomedical enterprises are inseparable from social responsibility and economic benefit, which is the relationship between responsibility and opportunity. As enterprises seek change, breakthroughs in product innovation can not only improve their technological influence and brand influence in the industry, but also drive the deepening of the transformation and upgrading of the medical industry, and continuously improve their prevention and control ability of major diseases and public health emergencies.





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