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“The angels in white” called him an “angel” because of what he had done..


In the national health industry base of torch development zone, as far as the architectural appearance is concerned, zhongshan chuangyi biochemical engineering co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "chuangyi biochemistry"), which has a history of 20 years and has settled in for 13 years, is not magnificent.There are about 200 employees here, including 70 r&d team members and only 20 front-line production workers.It has a doctor's workstation, a provincial and municipal engineering technology research center, and a national high-tech enterprise...It can be seen that the "core" of this enterprise is quite outstanding.


In vitro diagnosis of manufacturing enterprises, what are they busy doing? In the eyes of inspection experts, chuangyi biochemical is "engaged in in vitro diagnostic reagents and medical equipment research and development and production of representative enterprises." that means the company is the "blood testing angel", the backer of doctors.In the opinion of Linhui He, the founder of the company, what he has done these years is "to do research and development, invest a lot, but insist on it".



Entrepreneur:Linhui He


Identity:General Manager of zhongshan chuangyi biochemical engineering co., LTD., Executive vice President of zhongshan young entrepreneurs association


Speech:the cultivation of "champion" enterprises and even "unicorn" enterprises in subdivided industries needs the cultivation of a city. It is not simply a matter of subsidies, but also systematic and comprehensive guidance and support.



Entrepreneurial destiny: Get involved in families of doctors, To devote himself to the Medical laboratory.


In 1990,Xiao Lan people of Linhui He participated in the work, once in the local well-known enterprises from the grass-roots level to the head of sales. But, he laughed said, "it won't be long. We'll have to start our own business sooner or later.


Linhui He said "we these people", probably can be divided into the second generation of xiaolan "entrepreneurs" after the reform and opening up.From the 1980s to the early 1990s, the first generation of xiaolan "entrepreneurs" broke into a number of well-known enterprises in the fields of hardware, gas appliances, beverages, electrical appliances, construction, chemical industry, etc., which inspired the second generation of xiaolan "entrepreneurs" such as Linhui He to devote themselves to the commercial sea.


In the end, an interesting story of fate led him to choose the biochemical engineering industry.



"After several years of work, I fell in love and got married."Linhui He smiled and said to the reporter, "My wife is a doctor in the laboratory, his father-in-law was a laboratory section chief in hospital of Jiangmen city , mother-in-law is also a doctor in the laboratory.This is a medical family;To be exact, to examine families."



Things in the field of medical examination are the focus of our after-dinner chat.Although Linhui He is not a doctor, but the professional problem listen to much, also became half an expert.


In 1998, Linhui He bid farewell to white-collar career, set up a medical equipment trading company, put him into the business sea.In 2000, he established Chuangyi biochemistry in xiaolan town to develop and produce in vitro diagnostic reagents.



In vitro diagnosis is a technical term.


"The place of implementation is outside the body,Blood and urine tests are typical in vitro diagnoses.""In vitro diagnosis is the detection of human samples, including blood, body fluids and tissues, so as to obtain clinical diagnostic information and judge the disease or body function," he explained.


"Medical laboratory equipment and in vitro diagnostic reagents are the best partners.According to the patient's actual condition, doctors select the appropriate test items and ultimately obtain medical data to accurately judge the condition, he said.The laboratory equipment needs to use different reagents to examine different items for samples collected from blood, body fluids, etc.






Research and development experience: according to the demand to establish the project, this industry "very expensive"


Special reagent for medical examination, the composition is very complex, the precision is very high, the hygiene is very clean. In other words, this is a "very expensive" industry, high technology content, high value added. He linhui said: "we must do research and development, we must become a high-tech enterprise, which is determined by the nature of the industry.


In 2007, chuangyi biochemistry moved from xiaolan town to torch development zone, and increased investment and production in the national health industry base. Strengthening research and development is the top priority.


The enterprise invited an engineer from outside the province who is from the major of biochemistry, has the master's degree and the rich working experience, and gradually established the systematic research and development team. He linhui has also been busy recharging his batteries, earning an MBA from renmin university of China.


Speaking of R&D tips, Linhui He listed a lot of experience to share with the reporter.


Linhui He was introducing our company scientific research to reports


"The company has been in the torch area for 13 years and has expanded from more than 20 employees to more than 200. The research and development team now consists of 70 people, most of whom have a master's degree or above." He linhui said, first, the team needs to be stable, to choose high loyalty of comrades, technology can be slowly cultivated. Secondly, the established project must be in line with the actual market demand, to avoid to spend the "wrong money".


The key to research and development, he explains, is to "establish the project and strengthen the management". The undertaking is cyclical, time-consuming and costly, and must be forward-looking. Companies do research and development, unlike universities and research institutions. "Chuangyi biochemistry encourages r&d personnel to do market research and establish projects that are linked to the output value, thus effectively enhancing the team's enthusiasm. Only by working actively can we achieve breakthrough results."


In addition, research and development management is also the enterprise management must pay attention to the important details. "After the project is approved, a clear 'milestone' will be set," he told reporters. Research and development team will research and development, small test, pilot test, trial production, application for approval certification and other 'one-stop' procedures, according to the time node to do a good job. To this, the enterprise should accomplish reward and punishment is clear.






Transformation and upgrading: through the whole industrial chain, to find a "partner" for medical testing reagent


In recent years, the research and development investment of chuangyi biochemistry has been further increased. Enterprises carry out transformation and upgrading and expand to the whole industrial chain of the industry. In addition to constantly developing new blood cell reagents and biochemical reagents, chuangyi biochemistry also finds "partners" for them, and develops and produces high-end medical testing equipment such as blood cell analyzer and dry fluorescence immunoanalyzer.


To this end, as early as 2014, based on the headquarters in zhongshan, chuangyi went to shenzhen to set up a new research and development base. "In the fields of electronic information and medical devices, shenzhen has a high concentration of r&d talents, so enterprises should follow the trend," he said.


The technical content of the equipment is reflected in meeting the market demand." For example, he linhui said, first of all, the same function of the equipment, existing large equipment, to meet the needs of a large number of laboratory inspection; There are also small POCT real-time inspection devices, which are directly taken by doctors to the patients and beside the bed for sampling and testing, rather than to the laboratory of laboratory, so as to quickly obtain inspection results.



Secondly, he says, the future of medical testing is to be as simple, as fast and as accurate as possible. To this end, chuangyi biochemistry developed the industry's first blood cell analyzer with ultrasonic cleaning technology. The counting holes in a typical hematology analyzer get clogged every once in a while, and it used to take hours to clean up, or even two or three days to troubleshoot a problem with a manufacturer's engineers. With the ultrasonic cleaning technology, the "one-key treatment" can be implemented, and the counting hole can be unblocked for 3-15 minutes, so as to avoid the equipment outage affecting the operation of the hospital.


For example, he linhui also said that at present, medical inspection equipment must perform information functions, have various functional interfaces, and "seamlessly connect" with the big data platform of LIS medical inspection laboratory information management system and hospital information system.


Linhui He has been working hard in the field of medical examination for more than 20 years. Now, chuangyi biochemical sales network to achieve national coverage, products and services exported to the Middle East, west Asia, Africa, Latin America, eastern Europe and other regions, has gained a good reputation.





↓    Dialogue    

Entrepreneurs offer advice on "restoring tiger power"——

  Let every industry become an innovation industry, and make every effort to cultivate "unicorn" enterprises.


Reporter: Zhongshan issued the mobilization order of "revitalizing tiger power", as the founder of high-tech enterprises, how do you think the enterprise to do, in order to win more contributions to the economic recovery?


Linhu He:I have been working in the field of medical inspection for more than 20 years since the establishment of chuanyi biochemistry. In this industry, we must bring our own "r&d gene", which is determined by the industry and the market.


Furthermore, enterprises and industries should not be classified as "high-tech" or "traditional". From zhongshan to the world, the economic field entered the third industrial wave. In the future, we have no traditional enterprises around, only innovative enterprises, conform to the development of innovation, information to do.


For a city, the cultivation of "champion" and even "unicorn" enterprises in subdivided industries requires the efforts of relevant departments. In this way, there is no worry about winning the economic turnround. Such cultivation is not simply subsidized, but systematically and comprehensively guided and supported.

Reporter:many enterprises are afraid of innovation and research. What experience do you have to share?


Linhu He:In 2019, more than 33,000 enterprises in guangdong were listed as "high-tech enterprises", which is an inevitable trend.


In addition, technology, finance, industry and information technology departments will also give corporate ratings. Last year, the research and development innovation ability of chuang yi biochemistry was rated as A3, ranking in the top 2% of the province. Zhongshan 2 enterprises were assessed as A2 level, 6 enterprises belong to A3 level, in other words, in the city to achieve the level of the top 8.


In recent years, chuangyi biochemistry has experienced a lot of "big waves" in the market. In the final analysis, although the investment in r&d and innovation is large, it must be done


In addition, both enterprises and cities should be more open and inclusive. I am a local, but always believe that all corners of the country, domestic and foreign talented people. For talent and projects, enterprises and cities must attract and retain them in order to "restore tiger power".


Source: Zhongshan business daily




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